Plackers Right Angle Dental Flosser
Plackers Right Angle Dental Flosser
Plackers Right Angle Dental Flosser

Plackers Right Angle® Flossers for Dental Professionals

72 bags of 75

Your patients will love Plackers Right Angle® Flossers. They are specially designed to access hard-to-reach teeth and provide patients with a boost to a whiter smile.

  • Easily reach back teeth with the Right Angle® design
  • Advanced whitening formula to help whiten your smile
  • Fold away after use with protected toothpick
72 bags of 75


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Be Free.

If you can floss wherever and whenever you want, you’ll never get caught with anything embarrassing between your teeth. That means never having to hold back a greeting or a laugh in case your leftovers are still left over in your mouth. It means never feeling self-conscious that the gunk will be more distracting than your smile. It means you’re free to be bold.

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