’Tis the season for the holiday hustle and bustle. The best part? Enjoying your favorite seasonal family recipe. Whether it’s turkey and gravy or your mom’s famous cranberry sauce, Plackers® will help you protect your teeth. Keep these three tips in mind this holiday season:

  1. Freshen up after every meal or snack – A Plackers® best practice in taking care of your smile is to use a flosser after every meal and snack – ensuring a fresher, cleaner mouth. Twin-Line flossers are great for post-holiday eating.
  2. Don’t deter from your daily routine – Whether you are traveling to spend time with family or taking time out for a holiday vacation, don’t let the change in routine put a damper on your smile. Plackers® spill-free packaging and Travel Packs are easy to pack in your travel bag.
  3. Teeth check – Maintain confidence in your smile during holiday photo ops. Check your teeth for any embarrassing leftover gunk that might be lingering in your teeth after dinner.