Say “cheese!” because World Smile Day is tomorrow! Harvey Ball, the creator of the smiley face, established World Smile Day in 1999 as a day to share smiles through acts of kindness.

Check out these three tips on how to make the most of World Smile Day on Oct. 2.

  1. Create a “Random Acts of Kindness” checklist. Whether it be donating to a local nonprofit or paying for someone’s lunch in the drive-thru, put together a list of acts of kindness you’d like to complete that day. Set a goal of how many you’d like to cross off.
  2. Purchase or make a smile mask. Celebrate while staying safe in public by wearing a mask that showcases a smile.
  3. Floss those pearly whites. Use Plackers to keep your smile sparkling and healthy. In the spirit of giving, donate oral-care materials to a local homeless or women’s shelter.

Read more about World Smile Day on its official site. Don’t forget to snap a selfie in celebration! Share your World Smile Day pictures with Plackers on Instagram @plackersdental.