Everyone has specific times and ways of using a flosser, so what type of flosser are you?

The Legendary Flosser: You floss when you wake up, after breakfast, lunch and dinner, and right before bedtime. As a legendary flosser, you probably have the best smile in the room and know that it takes dedication to your flossers to guarantee healthy teeth and gums.

Once-a-Day Flosser: You are concerned about your teeth and gums, but don’t take your flossers with you wherever you go. You make sure to fit in a daily floss just to keep up with your superb cleaning routine.

The Situational Flosser: You use your flossers only on certain occasions. For instance, when you have corn stuck in your teeth or you are heading to your regular check-up at the dentist. We’d recommend you, as a situational flosser, aspire to be more like the legendary or once-a-day flosser.

The “I Always Forget” Flosser: You were the kid who refused to floss when your parents asked you. You may learn eventually that your gums and teeth are not as healthy as they could be, and cringe when the dentist asks how often you’re flossing. Commit to making even once daily flossing a habit as part of your overall oral healthcare routine.

So, what type of flosser are you? Check out our product line here to see what flosser will work best for your type.