Holding back is an all too common practice. We often find ourselves holding back our thoughts, our feelings, or our passions. Maybe you want to ask your boss for a raise, but you can’t muster the courage. Perhaps you want to speak to the new employee in another department but you fear rejection. Or maybe you want to get up and sing karaoke but you worry you’ll be made fun of. There are many reasons we might hold back – but your teeth shouldn’t be one of them.  Here are three reasons having flossers on hand will prevent you from holding back:

No embarrassing gunk. There’s nothing worse than going about your day, talking with colleagues and friends, only to glance at yourself in the bathroom mirror and realize your lunch is still clearly visible between your teeth. If you have flossers at your desk or in your purse/briefcase, this whole situation can be avoided. Sliding a flosser between your teeth after eating meals or snacking can prevent this “oh no!” moment.

Fresh breath. When food builds up between your teeth, so can a stench. Even though those garlic roasted brussels sprouts were an exceptional side to your lunch entrée, no one wants to see or smell them during your afternoon interactions. Nabbing the residue before it can start to stink up your mouth is a must.  Bonus points if your flossers are mint flavored!

Conviction. Sometimes it’s the little things that make us feel like we can take on the world. Maybe it’s a fresh hairstyle or a new outfit. Something as simple as knowing your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh can give you all the confidence you need to tackle the tasks in front of you. From first dates to business meetings to book club—flossers can help you let go of insecurities, stop holding back and give it your all!