It’s that time of year again where we shake off the winter blues and jump into spring feeling fresh and clean! Cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite task, but nothing beats the feeling of starting off a new season with a clean slate.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean cleaning out the garage or closets. There are much simpler ways freshen up your life, such as clearing out your bathroom of products that no longer serve a purpose in your routine, and focusing on products that will simplify your everyday life.

Use it or Lose It: Over the years our drawers can become filled with products that we’ve touched a few times, or not at all. If you don’t find yourself reaching for that ‘go-to’ product, lose it!

Times Up: Products like makeup and toothbrushes have their expiration dates too. Bacteria can build up on these common bathroom products and cause safety concerns. Time to toss it and start fresh!

Easy Organization: The easiest way to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed while looking through your drawer of products is to use compartments. Whether it’s a DIY organizer or a store-bought unit, the use of compartments will keep your drawer organized and clean! You can also look for smart product packaging, like the new packaging from Plackers featuring a Sure-Zip™ seal to keep your flossers right where they belong.

Counter Essentials: For those moments where you’re feeling a bit rushed, but don’t want to miss crucial steps in your routine, set out those ‘go-to’ products right in front of you. The use of decorative jars or counter organizers will allow you to grab, use and go. Items like cotton swabs, lotions and flossers will make sure you can freshen up fast!

Set aside some time this week and get that gunk out of your life, so you can start this spring feeling fresh and clean!