Trick or treat! It’s officially spooky season which means cold nights, haunted houses, horror movies, and of course, Halloween. It’s the best night of the year when kids get to live their fantasy dressed up as their favorite monster, TV character, or superhero, all while collecting plenty of sugary candy. For many parents, Halloween can be their worst nightmare when trying to keep their kid’s smiles cavity free.

Parents have enough to worry about trying to find the perfect costumes, hang the creepiest decorations, and make sure they are passing out the best candy in the neighborhood. Give yourself one less thing to worry about by keeping your child’s smile healthy with Packers®!

Say boo to your children’s smile worries with these flossers:

  • Plackers® Kids Flossers are specially designed for kids and contains fluoride to promote healthy teeth even after that king-sized candy bar
  • For your teenagers, seasonal Apple Cinnamon Flossers are a delicious combo of fruit and spice that will keep your mouth looking and feeling nice
  • The Twin-Line Flossers are made with high performance floss that won’t break removing all that candy or chocolate from your teeth

Don’t let your kid’s Halloween be haunted by cavities. Check out these flossers and many more by exploring more of our website.