Plackers has launched a NEW fan-favorite flavor of fruit and spice to make flossing nice this season! The limited-edition Apple Cinnamon flossers provide a deliciously bold sweet apple and spicy cinnamon flavor experience for refreshing throughout the day.

The holidays are full of sweets and snacking. Here are three tips to help maintain a healthy and bright smile:

  1. It’s the season of apple picking, candy apples and gooey treats, which can leave food deposits between teeth. Keep Apple Cinnamon flossers in your bag to maintain a bright, clear smile between festivities.
  2. Sweet flavored lattes, caramel and a season of cranberry sauce mean devoting extra attention to brushing. Pair your daily flossing habits with detailed brushing to help keep cavities at bay.
  3. All of these fun seasonal moments make for great photo opportunities, and flossers are a great way to ensure a clean smile!

Apple Cinnamon flossers are available now exclusively on The flossers come in Plackers’ new Sure-Zip™ packaging to ensure a spill-free experience.