While the back-to-school season looks very different this year, there are still easy ways to make it special for the students in your life. Whether they will be logging onto their classes from home or participating in in-person learning, below is a guide to start off this unusual academic year on a positive note.

  • Have a dedicated area for school. Structure is important so designate an area for your student to either do homework or conduct their classes – depending on if they are in a physical classroom or are online. This will help to separate academics from the other distractions in the house.
  • Invest in proper school supplies. Even if students can participate in in-person learning, there likely will be no shared supplies. As such, it will be important to ensure your student has all the tools they need – especially if classes are virtual and you don’t have an inventory of school supplies at home. Stock up now, before supplies get low in stores.
  • Set aside time to develop connections with your student’s teacher and principal. There are a lot of unknowns heading into this upcoming school year, but one thing is certain – everyone will need to be flexible and understanding as school leaders navigate those unknowns. Since there will be significantly less face-to-face time among teachers, students, principals and parents/guardians, it is imperative to take time to develop relationships through phone call, video call or by practicing proper social distancing.
  • Purchase new oral health tools. Start the year off right by refreshing your students’ personal care equipment. This includes their toothbrush, flossers and toothbrush protectors. Similar to having a dedicated school spot, having structure in hygiene and oral care routines is extremely important for students as they grow up. It will keep them confident and clean!

Even though it may look a little different, we hope you and your student have the best year yet! Share your back-to-school tips with Plackers on Instagram @plackersdental.