How many of you carry around a bag full of items that you keep on hand “just in case”? Or maybe you use your car as a storage unit for extra clothes, shoes and everything in between. Don’t worry, we all have our secret stashes. With busy schedules, family commitments and social lives keeping most of us constantly on-the-go, it’s time we cut through the clutter and streamline our supplies.


To lessen your everyday load, below are some key essentials that will keep you ready for anything:


  • Refillable water bottle. Staying hydrated is hard when you’re on-the-go and unhealthy beverage options are an easy default. Keeping a refillable water bottle on hand allows you to skip the sugary substitutes, which can also help increase energy and reduce your appetite.


  • Phone charger. Always have an extra phone charger handy, or at the very least a portable car charger, to keep your phone’s battery in the green. No one wants to be stranded without a way to communicate!


  • Lint roller. From pets to fuzzy sweaters, our clothes collect a lot of extra fluff, especially in the winter. Keep a lint roller close by to run over your outfit or coat before you head out.


  • Dental Flossers. Constantly being on-the-go makes brushing your teeth in-between meals difficult. Dental flossers can help you remove the gunk that builds up between your teeth when you eat. Plackers offers a variety of dental flossers that accommodate various individual needs, including tight teeth, advanced cleaning, plaque removal, sensitive gums, braces and more. Using flossers throughout the day will keep your breath fresh and your smile clean.


  • Stain removers. For those coffee spills from stopping short or mud brushed on your pants from your car, keep a stain stick or wipes on hand for those inevitable “whoops” moments.


  • Snack bar. For many of us, our cars serve as second homes while we’re on-the-go. However, this shouldn’t limit our lunch options to fast food. Make it a point to keep some snack bars on hand, preferably with added protein, that will help save time and money for the days when stopping for lunch isn’t on the schedule.


Once you’ve gathered these on-the-go essentials, make sure you keep everything in a convenient location for easy access while you’re out and about. It’s important to stay organized and be prepared for anything that comes your way!