Step aside summer, because fall has arrived. Hayrides, apple picking, and corn mazes are just a few things we’ve been waiting for — and let’s not forget fall-themed food. There’s hot apple cider, cinnamon sugar donuts, and pies galore.

Fall festivities might be the perfect scenario for sugar-filled teeth and cavities, but with Plackers® there’s no need  to worry when grandma passes the pumpkin pie your way.

There are many flossers to “fall” for this season:

  • Plackers® limited edition Apple Cinnamon Flossers offer a burst of apple cinnamon flavor that will delight your senses and keep your smile free of debris
  • Twin-Line Flossers are perfect for getting out all kinds of food in your teeth, no matter how sticky or delicious it may be
  • The Back Teeth Micro Mint Flossers are used for those annoying, hard to reach places where corn from the cob likes to hide
  • If you’re a student who got braces over the summer, we’ve got you covered with our Orthopick Flossers

We’re just getting started with our options for your smile this season. From fall-themed flossers to unique products for tight teeth, we have ample options for you this fall!

Pro tip: all our flossers are easy to take with you anywhere. You can stash them in your purse, backpack and even your pocket during a fall hayride! Keep Plackers® close at hand and your teeth are sure to feel your best this fall.