Did you know June is National Smile Month? People around the world are showcasing their pearly whites in celebration.

For all of us at Plackers, a smile symbolizes happiness and the beauty individuality holds. In order to keep your smile healthy, sparkly and fresh, it is important you have a thorough oral care routine. Similar to skincare, having an oral care ritual will leave you feeling confident and radiant!

If you don’t have an oral care routine, feel free to adopt ours:

  1. Make sure you brush twice a day – in the morning and at night. You should spend two minutes diligently brushing your pearly whites to remove gunk and fight against gum infections.
  2. Scrub your tongue – doing this will fight bad breath and leaving you feeling fresh.
  3. Floss once a day – we have plenty of flosser options to help you find what is right for you. There is even a choice for the kiddos!
  4. Limit your intake of sugars and starches – these types of food are high in acidity and can cause cavities. Not only will your mouth thank you for adopting a healthy diet, but your body will, too!
  5. Go to the dentist – schedule regular appointments with your dentist. If you are unable to go there currently, adopt strict practices (like this routine) to keep your smile in tip-top shape until you can see your dentist.

What is your oral care routine? Share it with us on Instagram @plackersdental, and don’t forget to post a picture of your sparkling smile in celebration of National Smile Month.