Let’s face it… flossing is not one size fits all. In fact, traditional floss can be challenging for many people to use. That’s why Plackers® creates diverse types of flossers to fit your lifestyle. So, let’s put these unique tooth tools to use and find a flosser that’s perfect for you.

What flosser are you?

  • Twin-Line Flossers are for the food lovers. The double floss line effectively gets out the gunk and ensures a clean smile, so bring on the spinach!
  • Mega Mint Flossers are for the cool kids… literally. These flossers have a fresh, cool mint flavor patch to keep your smile shining and your breath fresh throughout the day.
  • Orthopick Flossers are for those who are rocking braces. These picks slide easily between wires, making flossing a snap.
  • Kids Flossers are, well, for the kids! The bright colors and fruit smoothie swirl flavor are something kids can look forward to, while also taking care of their teeth.

These are just a few of our favorite flossers. You can find more in the flossers section of our website!

Help us say goodbye to the old days of challenging dental products and hello to flossers that fit your lifestyle. No matter what type of smile you have, Plackers® has a unique flosser for you.